Alan Mak Tin Loon

Independent Director | Leading International M&A Advisor

Alan Mak Tin Loon

Independent Director l Leading International M&A Advisor

Alan Mak Tin Loon is the Executive Chairman and Managing Partner of MAK Ventures International, he is an Investrepreneur, and Business Performance Coach.

His educational background is the following;

Penang Free School; Sek. Men. Keat Hwa; Diploma of Business Administration,

PERKIM Goon College (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge); Master of Marketing (University of Teesside, UK, 2004);

Professional Studies in Political Philosophy (Oxford University, 2011);

Oxford Private Markets Investments Programme (Said Business School, Oxford University, 2021

Mr Alan Mak Tin Loon is a person with many skills and business acumen. Being trained in business and marketing in the early tertiary studies, he had successfully used his gained knowledge in his various industries and ventures. In 2013, he suggested innovative construction methodologies and joint venture agreements with landowners to reduce costs to build more affordable homes during the times when the real estate market was priced beyond the reach of average citizens. Another advantage of the method is that a project can be completed within a shorter period of time than those built conventionally. Mak has been featured in the National TV program as a Panel Expert on housing development on Malaysia’s Prime Minister’s Live Budget Interview 2013/14.

Mak owned and managed over 16 local and international companies in different industries from property development, private aviation, publishing, IT, fashion retail, private investments to F&B and transportation. Part of his working career includes his involvement in managing the construction of London’s Providence Wharf; In 2017, Mak was appointed as the Business Development Director for TEE International, a public listed developer in Singapore. Mak served as the Executive Chairman and Managing Partner of MAK Ventures International (M.A.K = Mergers & Acquisition Conglomerate and a Private Equity Firm). Also, known as the Mergers and Acquisition King of Asia, his clients include Global Fortune 500 companies, Institutional Investors and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, handling high values investments and deals transactions involving multi-billion dollar funds. Mak Ventures acquires companies internationally to create unrivalled growth through the likes of corporate mergers, stock exchange listings, smart investments and management. In return for the wealth generated, MAK actively reverts his monies to various charity and ESG initiatives through MAK Foundation. He pledged to support the UN’s Sustainable Goals, especially in eliminating global hunger, an issue affecting 800 million people. In his leisure capacity, Mak enjoys reading, family time and protecting legacies that matter.

At the age of 16, he was featured in the Malaysia Book of Records as the Youngest Author. His book titled The Psychology Of Love For The Teenage Soul; H: Reading; RoS: Follow your passion and do the best;

Awards Conferred:

  1. National Record: Malaysia’s Youngest Author by Mr. Danny Ooi, Founder, Malaysia Book of Records
  2. Scholarship from LIM KOK WING UNIVERSITY by Mr. Gail Phung, Vice President, Corporate Development
  3. Scholarship from INTI COLLEGE by Mr Tan Yew Sing, President, INTI COLLEGE MALAYSIA d. Award of Excellence, by Government of Malaysia (winner on year 1999, 1996 and 1993)
  4. Press Features:
  1. Oct 21, 2001, Nan Yang Siang Pau Chinese Daily
  2. Oct 12, 2001, The Star National Daily, Student’s Book in Memory of Victims
  3. Nov 1, 2000, Nan Yang Siang Pau Chinese Daily, 20 Years Alan Mak; Malaysia’s Younger Author
  4. Sept 2000, The Sunday Star, Prolific Writer Wins INTI Award
  5. July 2000, INTI News Magazine, Scholarship Worth RM 1.2M Awarded
  6. Published Article:
  1. Oct 29, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Friend Forever
  2. Sept 18, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Expressing Your Feelings
  3. Sept 3, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Stop Rumours
  4. Aug 15, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Tough to Say Sorry
  5. Aug 3, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Rebels With A Cause
  6. July 19, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Making Sense of…
  7. July 11, 1998, The Sun National Daily, KL GAMES A Chance…
  8. May 9, 1998, The Sun National Daily, Smart Partnership

Published Books: (books not included, but mentioned in Press Features)

  1. The Psychology of Love for the Teenage Soul
  2. 911: US Tragedy

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