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The name Yahnex is a portmanteau of words Yah and Nex. Yah is the short name of God in the Bible which is pronounced as Yahuah or Yahweh, while Nex is from the word Nexus which means a series of connections, or focal point of contact, a doorway or a Portal or Vortex. Yahnex meaning is a God’s Portal, with this meaning Yahnex Capital aims to be the leading M&A company that acquire businesses and grow them into exponential highs. We aim to be the portal of growth and success for the businesses that we acquire by bringing positive changes that will propel the business to achieve exponential growth and above-average profit.

Yahnex Capital focuses on companies across a broad range of sectors- from middle market to large cap companies. Our team specializes in business acquisitions. We maintain the highest industry standards and professionalism to help business owners to go through the complex procedure of transferring their business ownership.

Yahnex Capital will do whatever it takes to comply with all applicable laws of the country where we operate and make sure that our operations provide an equitable business atmosphere while maintaining the highest ethical standards.


To be the leading global M&A company that acquire businesses and grow them at a sustainable leap.


Our mission is to vigorously acquire established businesses, then grow them at an exponential rate to provide excellent returns and profits to our investors and shareholders.

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