Eric W. Voide

Independent Director | Leading International M&A Advisor

Eric W. Voide

Independent Director l Leading International M&A Advisor

Eric W. Voide brings his years of Mergers and Acquisitions experience as the founder and owner of The Rivo Consulting Group, an M&A Company, strategically situated between New York City and Boston, on the eastern seaboard of the USA.

Eric graduated from university with science and business degrees and began working for a NYC Venture Capital Company before starting The Rivo Consulting Group.  Having owned businesses in the US and Canada across a vast array of business sectors, lends a unique perspective to the analysis of small to mid-cap acquisition opportunities.  He is also a registered Expert Witness, having given countless depositions and courtroom testimony for both Plaintiff and Defence parties involved in mediations and lawsuits.

Leading his multi-state team, Eric has recruited top talent in the industry and successfully negotiated millions of dollars in transactions for the past 20 years.

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